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Office of Executive Registrar

The office of Executive Registrar is the link between its constituent institutes and the Director General. The Executive Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University and is directly under the superintendence and direction of the Director General. He heads the General and Academic Administrative wings of the University such as the Establishment Section, Finance and Accounting, Examinations Section, and Academic Section. He is the Public Information Officer of the University.

The Executive Registrar is responsible for the custody of records, common seal, funds and such other property of the University. He acts as a Member Secretary of the Board of Governors (BoG), Academic Council and such other authorities, bodies and committees as prescribed by or under the University Act. Subject to the control of the Director General, he is responsible for the academic and general administration and services of the University, and responsible for the execution of all processes connected therewith. He attests and executes all documents on behalf of the University; and exercises such other powers and performs other duties that are assigned to him under the Act, Regulations or delegated by the Board or the Director General.

The office of the Executive Registrar insure good order and an atmosphere conducive to academic activity by producing timely and accurate regulations, certification and other reports; observing faithfully the rules and regulations of the University.

If any student, staff or other stake holder faces any problem in dealing with any section of the University; he may approach the Executive Registrar to help him resolve the issue.


Mr G Ramachandran Nair
Executive Registrar
Phone: 079 30642705